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81Events is easy to use engaging valuable for your attendees.

Our Features

Updates in Real-Time

Things come up. Conference schedules change. Update information in real-time without forcing attendees to download a new version of an app.

Full Mobile Optimization

We realize most of your attendees will be using their mobile devices during your event. 81Events is fully optimized for any mobile device.

Customized for your event

We'll match your event website's color scheme so the transition for your attendees is seamless.

Attendee connections

81Events allows attendees to easily connect with other attendees before, during and after your event. For most attendees, conferences are all about the connections. We make it easy.

Increase Revenue

Sell advertising to sponsors and vendors which can be placed on various pages within the Attendee Dashboard. Give your sponsors additional exposure.

Receive Feedback

Receive valuable detailed feedback on all of your event sessions and presenters without the need to pay for an additional products or services.

Enhanced Reporting

For conference organizers, data is invaluable. Easily access that data to ensure a successful event.

Save money

Our all-in-one product replaces the many different tools and services you're currently using for your events. Contact us today for a free demo and more information.

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Pricing is typically based on the size of your event. Contact Us for more information.
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